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had accumulated in it and without opening her lips. Thick, long, white drops began to leak over the lower lip and drip. At that time, the second fucker began to finish: the first jet escaped from the Tash cam, in which she squeezed his dick, and Tasha, looking up from the first source, with a wet, brilliant face, stretched to th what was happening in the room. About ten minutes passed, and Misha did not return. Tanya began to be very anxious. Volodya tried to keep her by any means, even by force, when she decided to find out what was the matter. Tanya looked at him in surprise and sternly with her black eyes and, pushing away her younger brother, entered the dressing room leadin settled in the same room. Jack was suitable for Lera as a father, he was courteous, unobtrusive. The first two days were spent on excursions. In the hotel, Jack always gave Lera the right to take a shower first, then he did it. Jack cared for Leroy at the table when they ate with the whole group, but did not bother the girl. Lera did not abuse such a gentlemanly, that is, did not occupy the bathroom for an impermissibly long time, did not flirt beyond measure. That is, a man and a woman lived the life of tourists, saw the sights, got acquainted with the city, behaved like two friends or two friends. On the third day Lera caught a cold, she was bothered by a runny nose, a cough. E what are the bases while dating


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