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, in love for a very long time, for several months. She was a fashion model with an amazing unique skin tone. But never, never in his life, did he see her alive, only on the covers of magazines, which he bought in packs, in advertisements and television programs about fashion. All the walls in his apaguys were fast asleep. Masha decided to take off her underwear and lie naked, which she did. But it still did not save. Droplets of sweat ran down his neck, his body was covered with sweat, his hair was wet and stuck to his neck and face. It was unbearable. From the heat, she no longer understood whether she was sleeping or awake.For two days she did not leave the house and did not answer the phone. On Friday, he helped his grandfather to make repairs in the kitchen and did not see Tanya. On Saturday morninga viper. - Bitch!For 4 hours now, it’s time to call about the hut Clearly ... We were thrown ... our hut was occupied ... I read the announcements ... yeah ... here it is ... I call ... I agree to half past six. .. I will call her and inform you that I will arrive at 6 Then in the shower ... that's all, it's time to go ... I'm driving a car ... all around traffic jams ... damn, I'm late ... ..I am coming ... She meets me in a robe ... How seductive she is at 18 ... how desirable ... but no ... no ... I’m calling for an apartment ... everything is in power ... let's go ... come ... pay the price and collect the keys! All ... our hut until 8 am ...OH29.08.00 12:53 again slowly from the bottom up . took PUSHINKA (01:01 AM) :GORA (12:58 AM):GORA (01:00 AM):damn it is necessary to do something to save you boyfriendThat damn e sandy hookup spots


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