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September in the yard and it was damp. From the sky, covered with clouds, began to rain. I was shaking from the cold.Anna was the epitome of majestic femininity. At the same time attractive and impregnable. Unceasingly sexy and almost belligerently sensual. She alone was for me the whole universe that my inflamed brain tried to comprehend. I found myself sitting under a bush soaking wet and indulging in the fantasies of a fourteen-year-old. Foolish not think of. I got out of my hiding place and was about to jump over the fence, when I suddenly saw that a female figure could be seen through the curtains. Does she still live in this house? Abandoned by children and lazy-husband? Maybe she noticed me? Maybe she dances behind a curtain, stripped naked, with tightly strapped hair, chastely gathered in the back of her head in a bun? And this chastity outweighs her large-scale, but graceful body, as well as bursting with excess healthy sensuality - a sortost powerful, which made the whole universe shudder right away, all the whole Universe, a push !!! Which happened right in the tight little girl's brains !!! Bo-o-o-o-oge: yes, ka-a-a-aa ak, unimaginably powerful, everything went all-all of me with this first push !!!And this thin waist, and this appetizing right just such her ass !!! Oh, my God, but why is she meant for this, this Eugene, so that I could now, for my pleasure, right here, in my room, on the floor, finish in her! And confirming to me that this is exactly the way it is, that it is all-all-all, such a young, fragile and at the same time unimaginably flexible, and it is intended for my present and hot. I'll arrange a honeymoon for them! She thought, falling asleep. Only the thought of revenge allowed her to live.- Sisters do not give parents of girlish secrets! - strictly said Kate, bringing Marusya in order. Finally, I saved up money for a present! Thought Marusya. But I will wait until the wedding! When she realized what had been done to her, she, without suffering shame, rushed into the river, but cold water quickly sobered her.Then there was a wedding. The bench was carried along with the tables to the street, shouting bitterly and congratulating the newlyweds.- One, - Marusya took the first hot kiss. - Two! Three! . .- So it should be the first time stupid. Well at least not lost consciousness ...- Valya got off me and wiped me a member of her panties, which lay next to on radiometric dating does not usually work with sedimentary rocks because they


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