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os of the mother Valya who was sucking dick from another man.I looked at my dressing table and saw a small pink handbag. Mom told me that she put there lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and a small mirror.- Yes, I know my son that is harmful, but what can I do about it, I can not live without coffee and cigarettes. And if I quit smoking, I will grow fat and my stomach will grow. I can’t even appear on the beach because of my tummy: - Val exit. I jump from the step, I step aside. During the journey, it never warmed up, the sun is shining, but in the puddles there is a crust of ice, in some places already cracked by hurried soles. I am strangely calm - I decided to mow under a silicoid? However, I know how long my calm will last - until I crawl out of the ground at your station. Although no, the thought of a tele-background is already stirring - while in the head, but the heart also twitches in a different rhythm. I enter the subway, buy a dozen tokens of both types - green and transparent and small brown ones, I go to the phone. I remember the number, but just in case I check the book - I don’t even know the voice, so alndrew pulls for something and arms stretch with force. Now do not escape and do not turn around, and the eyes close themselves.- Did you like Anna?- My husband is on duty. Yes, and a conspiracy for what? I'll go ahead, and you walk for five minutes and to me. - Larissa quickly walked along the alley.And the edge of the knife in the nipple, and the blade on the nipple. No, there is no blood, only the feeling that the nipple is cut off. But why does it harden, bulge and shrink? And so, the point scratches from the neck to the cracks and again neither blood nor scratches. And again the red streams are inside, at the touch of a knife. The knife dances, stabs, cuts here, pierces there, but there is no blood, no scratches, hot streams and again - a slam between the legs, and there is nothing.- Well, maybe let's go. We all bough online dating site cambodia


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