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ls under my fingers, I began to shove a finger deeper. It was a wonderful feeling. My vagina, yearning for affection, immediately began to let the first juice. My finger was moistened, and I quickly began to push the entire palm into the enlarged and wet passage between the labia. My wet, smeared hand went deeper and deeper. I felt pain, but it was a pain of pleasure.- Yeah, right is the real hall of the nursery group of the kindergarten, - Olga said with a laugh.- Indeed, since last year, the changes have become longer, - said Lena.- Well, is this work for you? - Tanya asked the girls with a smile, - Just do not think that we are engaged in amateur activities with elementary school teachers. Everything is agreed found a compromise.- Now go and wash the pot, and I will give you your portion. Although the hostess crap is a decent delicacy.obviously a more powerful babaz is needed, I thought, and looked sideways at the fat one.Evening punishments were repeated daily. Now they have whipped for the slightest, even seeming fault, a bold look, noise made at the wrong time, unsuccessful cooking and so on ... Each of the girls already had their favorite weapon - Julia acted with a long ruler, leaving wide red stripes on her back; Lena managed a traditional belt, never, however, bringing the victim’s buttocks to blue; Vika acted with her whip stronger than both girlfriends. However, Eugene rarely had to sit, and he almost did not feel pain, occupied with satisfying the household wishes of his housewives.In the afternoon, mother sucked Sergei twice. But the desire that seizebrush your teeth, suddenly I am telling the truth, we are talking about those teeth that have long been in need of major repairs.The mother-in-law got on her knees and gently began to suck my dick at me, smacking her mouth appetizingly: Well rested, Igor assured him.- Andrei, we know so much, and I just found out today that you are such a cool boy! - Kissed me on the lips mother-in-law.I looked in the mirror and saw in the reflection a girl with a sporty figure, with slender legs, with a round ass. Of course, the figure was not perfect, and I would give it a roundness. But how to do it? I will think about this, but not now. Daddy, said the mother-in-law, playfully, left alone in her panties, what will our son-in-law think of me? - So, what is next? - interested mother-in-law asked, - Anya immediately gave him?I was in a daze, ending over and over again under the onslaught of a loving poetess, until I noticed that Igor w not dating but more than friends quotes


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