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ner, my mother as if casually asked what I was going to do. I replied that I would go with the girls to the park and come late. Only not so much, said mom and I went to dress. As at that time, I decided to deceive them. When I went out into the corridor, I slammed the front door and wanted to hide in my room, but some devil urged me on, an blue suit with a bow tie, which was very much to his face. I asked Sergey in a whisper: Who is this? , And he, as always, with a patter replied that this guy works in his department, and his name is Igor Semenovich. From time to time, Igor looked at me literally at close range. It seemed to me a little strange, especially since he did not look drunk, although he drank no less than the rest. He smiled at me furtively, and all I could d gratitude to bezizvestnym connoisseurs who have preserved bright flowers of artistic pore for centuries.- Vika, how huge he is! As he only fits in their pants!- Did not your nuns teach you the main exercise before bedtime?- No, of course, men's love is much better. But what should a girl or a woman do when a desire is raging and the body is passionately waiting for pleasure, but there is no man. So you have to be content with Leizbi love. And unfortunate prisoners of harems? Rich old men, flaunting each other, recruit as many wives as possible into a harem. Such an old man cannot satisfy one wife, and he has dozens of them. It happens that hydro one hook up phone number


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