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ies floating above them.The quiet rustling of the branches outside the window- Now there will be a thunderstorm, we better hide.- Understood, commander - said the co-pilot and flight mechanic Hopper. He and women biodroids left the main cabin of the yacht Zenobia . Squinting, smiling mischievously at the young brave tourists.Mom splashed out of the vial yet. Dad, smiling in Sphinsky again, worked as a bartender, shook the bottle, mixing liquids. Poured again in glasses. Dad will now be with a response toast. Tr another visit. She quickly entered the taste of such a life. She was even sometimes ashamed and annoyed for herself, for her irrepressible temperament. Getting close to the next client, she was instantly excited and given herself passionately and insatiably. During the act, she no longer turned off the light in her room.The girls treated their work differently. Xu, Bo, Laura, Mary, Kim, Saily were pretty and did not complain about their fate, finding in it their joys. And Karen, on the contrary, hates his deeds and this job. Each time she had to hide her disgust, playing up my passion. Contradictory work evolved from Veronica. Sensing warnings to her work, great moral experiences and aversion to customers, every time she came into contact with another man, she was immediatention to the pain in my stomach. I managed to grab her by the waist. She rested her chin with both hands and pushed my head back so that the cervical vertebrae snapped. Intolerable pain pierced my whole body. But along with the pain grew my rage. I no longer remembered why we started fussing. One thought seized me - revenge. I pressed her hands to me and squeezed her stomach with such force that she began to choke. She was visibly weak. I removed one hand from her body and, seizing the wrists of her both hands, pulled her from my head. She wriggled like a snake, trying to kick me, but since she was hanging in the air and had no support, her legs did not harm me. It was much harder to handle. She tried to wrest them from my hands. She managed to free one hand, and she dug into my face with sharp nails. Screaming from the pain, I threw it onto the sofa with a big swing, leaning over my whole body. it was only at this moment that I noticed that her impr girl just wants to hook up


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