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d be looked at for quite a while — they were so different from above. They were as different as the walls and the exterior from the street. It seemed that all the individuality and fantasy architects put into the roof. The roofs were flat, sloping, conical and domed ...The driver in his full dress (only his cap was lying next to the table) was pouring brandy from yesterday's bottle into a clean glass in the lobby. He was whistling some jolly little tune and was clearly pleased with life.He slowly completed the morning toilet, trying to postpone the entry into a new day, which did not promise him anything good.Such a horror rang in his voice, as if he had just seen a vampire or a living dead man.- What's the matter? - He turned to scream. Saw an anxious Fili and added irritably: - What else?- Also...Fili slept like a baby - there were no nightmareghs, I began to unbutton a sundress on my back. She unbuttoned her shirt and stroked my whole body, breathing heavily and whispering: Dear, dear: . As I realized, the sundress was shot through the head, for which I started my hands under him with pleasures and, stroking her legs, began to rise higher and higher. Reaching the panties, I found that they can already squeeze. I had only to touch her crotch, as she arched like a cat and groaned, pressing her breast against me and squeezing my cock tightly. Everything! The pleasure of anticipation is over! Sundress flew to the floor, there went the same wet odorous panties. I put Tanya on the desk, hoame cream in excess, all the while talking to her teeth cool and how much pleasure it gives me, but as soon as the head of a member entered her ass, she lamented: It hurts !. It hurts !. It hurts !!! ... , vanilla relations do not mean causing pain, I was forced to take out a member and continue to chatter it.I turned to Natasha with a sly smile and, raising my glass, said ...- Do you want to toast?- Did you do your homework? - Immediately from the door said mom.The girl was embarrassed and lowered her e fortnite custom matchmaking pc key


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