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ess, not understanding anything, but still waiting for something ... After swallowing vodka, he lifted the curtain and looked out into the street. There was no one there. Nothing, I will come home - I will call her immediately and explain myself; she must understand, she always easily came out of all sorts of silly misunderstand ...Everything happened instantly, it was not too late to fix it, but the director, laughing, already dragged Vasya up the stairs. Only when he found himself at the table, Vasya realized that now it is absolutely impossible to tell a friend that the girl who had just been pushed back from the restaurant just before his eyes, that girl was his bride. It would never have occurred to anyone that a person who did this with his companion was at least amatter how ridiculous events may seem over time. Here, for example, the record from not to make out what date of the month of March 1995. If I am not mistaken, at that time I worked in the advertising agency Media-Model.- You are pissed! - outraged Arnold, shoving his male household back into his pants.Arnold, a member of which immediately wilted, never having tasted the fruits of the heavens, frightenedly stared at the visitor. Klavochka, all disheveled, huddled in a corner of the sofa and, it seems, was preparing for house. He first looked our way. Straight to the van. Then he started the Lincoln engine and gave it to the porch. Ortega appeared from the door and disappeared behind the car. Danny and I exchanged glances. They knew!She was embarrassed, and then said: - No, not at all because of this. She put the glass down: - I'll show you, officer, what that means. Let me take a look at your club. If we can get one of Ortega to speak, then we’ll take Rodriguez’s line, Danny said, testing the fastener of her revolver.I turned definition for carbon dating


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