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little bitch, if you don’t swallow at least a drop, you will fill Radka with your clothes, then, you, you will sit right there in the corner. - And she pointed to the far corner of the area from the window. - And your boobs will lie right here on the windowsill. Got it?In his youth, he was a prominent young man, yet, he would have finished reading Ulysses to the end. So he said at least. She didn't particularly like him, but his attention was flattering. One day, he offered tohysically (my mind was as if in anabiosis), especially since at the same time there were problems with work. For the second week I resumed the previously frozen access to the Internet, I began to restore my long-forgotten connections in the network ... And only for the third week I asked myself: And what actually happened? And How? And who is to blame? And why a lot of people poisoned existence, and only the network and friends on the network (not to mention friends in real life) saved the brain from unnecessary attempts amumbled something quietly and fell fast asleep. The driver, grinning disapprovingly at his mustache, turned on the car's starter.- And nothing else? the abbess asked. I don’t remember anything else, answered Clarice, glad that her lovely gardener wasn’t open. Speak, or Saint Genevieve will strike you with thunder! the abbess said anxiously.Good for anyone? For myself? Yes. For Marta? Apparently, yes. For me? I did not know...Clarice did not answer, thinking to herself: Wow a droplet. Entire brooks. A misfortune has happened to you, the abbess continued, and the duty of our monastery demands that you temporarily disappear from the eyes of the world. Today you must go to Camellia's mother, to her att hook up internet


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