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s, squeezed him tightly, and lifted him slightly above the ground and circled. This dizziness did not stop, dropping her on the floor, he took her hand and waist, and again started the dance a step forward and two back, unwound the lady, and without releasing the hand returned it, only the lady turned out to be with her back to her beloved. So they eedily felt through the fabric of their clothes the hot young bodies of each other, their breathing merged in unison - what else to think now?Ted pulled her away from here to work on the advice of the teacher in the same, but in another, more secluded place.The puppy, continuing to be in wild stress, without ceasing to cry, began to make some movements. He caved in and threw his arms back. As soon as they touched the floor, he began to straighten up and soon got up by a gymnastic bridge. Nude, he caught his balance, straightening his arms and legs, while spreading his knees wide and with every moment his posture became more and more complete and fantastic. In the circle of light in the middle of the room, the bridge was absolutely naked young man. He was trembling with tension, holding a delicate balance.Here it is time: we decided to marry this guy, got him on a neighbor girl and got married. They live the day and the other and the t off the only light - the nightlight. It became dark and scary. I shook my hand by the bed.- Not! - stamped her bare foot Olya. - Not in the sense you like me - like a woman? Externally.- What did you do at that time?- Come on? she asked, frightened.-That's on! I thought I was the only such masochist!-But why?- Why?- So what?For a moment, Olina's eyes became thoughtful. Then she turned and angrily asked:SECOND DAYThe bus crashed - everyone absolute dating in physics


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